Wednesday, February 16, 2011

unfolding of a cornerstone.

I stepped across the threshold and I was immediately taken back to high school. The building back then  was a Christian book store and almost every payday I'd jump in my Ford Escort and head to the big city to find a new tape. Music, full of words that drenched my soul in Him. The place where I was standing now, is that place. And I feel Him unfold my thoughts as I fumble with my lens, trying so hard to be good at something.. capturing light in a dark place. 

It's there, in this building that I meet the men that He has chosen to carry the torch forward, and I am in awe of the sparkle of light that I catch in their eyes. Men that see through the darkness surrounding them, wanting once again to offer the Light to souls who come to the city for nourishment. 

I fail miserably at capturing the light with my lens,  but is that my purpose? 

I had come to capture what was in that building. The before. The Light.  

I had come to capture the Word. 

"The unfolding of your words gives light; 
it imparts understanding to the simple." 
 Psalm 119:130

I discover that the Word made flesh is right before my eyes. He has come and the building is twitching with excitement.  Yes, it's in need of great repair. A total makeover. But isn't that what's needed whenever the Word becomes new? 

A fresh drenching of the Light. Washing clean what once was. Giving understanding to the people who thirst. The Word, casting Light in the darkness. It's what captures me. 

And I find myself, bubbling over with anticipation of what will come of this Light to this city, and I want to capture every moment of the transformation. To become part of the movement to establish a place that enables ordinary folks to see, feel, and live in the Light. A place where souls are cared for, tenderly and prayerfully. A place where folks learn to live in the Light.

This building, it's holy ground, and as I walk around, carefully stepping in the darkness that surround me I'm certain I hear God's whisper..

"This Cornerstone.. it's Mine, and I'm drenching it in my Word."


Karrie said...

I am weeping for what it was...the Light you found there, and the Light I only pretended to know. The state that the building is in, is a little like what my heart must have looked like.And praise be to God that Light will shine again! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to see what God will do!

kelly said...

me either! :)