Tuesday, February 15, 2011

risky business.

You get to start with this perfect untouched canvas, and you paint it white. Then you are told step by step how to paint like the master himself, Bob Ross. Tap, tap, tapping your way to what was supposed to become beauty. Every time your brush or that silly butter knife thingy hit the canvas you committed to doing something with the paint.. to form it into something. It was risk upon risk, piled right on top of each other until the Bob Ross in you was showing for all the world to see. 7 hours later, famished and full of oil paint from your head to your toes.. you emerge as a graduate of your very first oil painting experience.

"My soul clings to the dust;
give me life according to your word!"
Psalm 119:25

When you emerge and show people your fruit of the last 7 hours.. they are amazed. "You really did that?"

Yes, and it was easy.. except that it wasn't.

It's the risk upon risk.

The moments when you have to commit to stepping into the Master's plan... you lose all control, and you know it. You know that there is dust left from just living the life you have always known.. why on earth would you want to ruin anything as beautiful as God's canvas with the dust from your messed up life.

But the painting won't get painted without the brush you hold in your hand. The Word that He put there for you to use. It's a huge risk, to lose all control, to abandon what you know and lose yourself in His Plan. To gather enough courage and confidence from Him to commit to painting a new picture.

  A picture that He allows us to sign,
so that when other people look at it  they ask,"You really did that?"
and you get to tell them.. "Nope, God did."
 and you hand them them a brush....

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