Saturday, February 19, 2011

the power of touching.

I repeat the mantra a bazillion times during the evening.  I'm just learning. I don't take faces, no worries I didn't get you, smile and nod. No, I have no plans for the images that God paints in front of me. 

I silently pray between the "asks."  
Meet me, open my eyes, let me see You

I say aloud to her. "I just want to be good at something." 
She says at least 10 times back,  "You are good."  

I sink back into that paradigm every time. Not good enough, Not worthy to behold such glory.

Glory that He gives. Glory that I want to capture every time I pick up my camera. Skills desired, to show this image consumed culture what He really looks like. The Word in pictures, and I feel like I fail.. again and again.

Meet me. Let me see. Open my eyes.

Looking into creation that He calls "very good."  Tender songs from a God that loves."Open your eyes, child.. I am here." echo in my ear.  I laugh and joke around, but my heart is in search for that one moment where God shouts.. "Over here! I want you to see this!!"

With one touch He opens my eyes. With a touch reminded again that it's I in need of His touch.

"Someone touched me, 
for I perceive that power has gone out of me."
Luke 8:46

 I stare, wide eyed open into the power of touch, and it consumes me, and I find myself silently changing my prayers to the God that touches.

"Touch them like they are touching others."  

When you are touched.. you can't help but touch others. My old paradigm melts back into that place where it belongs.. and I know I've beheld Glory, touched.

ShineFest is a community network of churches and businesses
 dedicated to improving our community
 in an act of Christian unity and love. 
It's this network that touches because they have been Touched.

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