Friday, February 25, 2011

the blessing concert.

It begins softly. A lullaby that caresses your soul. 
Preparing you for something. The something that you just don't know, but you feel.
You start the movement, with a wave of your hand. 
A breathing on of the Holy Sprit is what you pray for. 
Fan the flame. 
Ask, Seek, Knock.
Gently giving thoughts and feelings to the One who can control. 
You embrace the music, hope to get 100 ahead, and He whispers to your soul.

"I got this.. sleep." 

You wake.

Coffee brings the senses to life and you stare at the screen. 
What do you say when your faced with the reality that what your looking at is 
straight from the hand of God?

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!
Serve the Lord with gladness! 
Come into His presence with singing!
Psalms 100:1-2

Friends become brothers. 
Friends become sisters.
Strangers pick up the cause.
and overnight, while you slept.
God worked a miracle.
As the music plays, blessings compound and create tears that flow freely.

A minor key starts. 
Forcing your gaze away from the Conductor.
Do you dare believe that God would give such a gift to your son? 
Did you read the post right? Is it really a full scholarship to a music camp? 
Is it crazy to have just spent your day off asking people to join your cause?
You are crazy.. you don't deserve this. 
Doubts flood your mind.. is this the Way in which your supposed to be walking?
You just made a fool of yourself. 

and God grabs your face and begins to sing louder and louder to your soul again and again.

"Rest... i got this."

And the all fuss and doubts wash away in the rhythm of His hand.

The radio station calls.
"Your son is a winner."

and He says...

"Enjoy...I love you." 


Tears are flowing from my eyes as I try to put into meager words the events of the past two days. It was just a scholarship give away on a radio station, but it became so much more. A campaign between friends, family and strangers.  I'm simply amazed at how God works.. sometimes.. you just don't have the appropriate words, at all.. and thats really frustrating to a gal like me.  If you had any part in this movement a thank you just isn't enough, but it's all I got. 

It truly is Another Happy Day.


Kendi said...

Oh Kelly, I love reading what you write...and I am sooooo glad God blessed your family this way. :) Hope Aspen has an awesome time at camp! Love you! Kendi

kelly said...

your words bless me! luv you too! :)

Katybug19 said...

this post brought tears to my eyes. so excited for your oldest world changer, but even more grateful that God uses everything in our lives to remind us of His great love.

kelly said...

well said katybug19. still brings tears to my eyes too. unreal.