Wednesday, October 20, 2010

when crickets cry.

three things about this book i dislike
  1. it's paperback
  2. it's from 2006
  3. it's in the Christian Fiction isle at the library. 
ok, ok, ok, i can hear the WHATs? already. i forgot to tell you that i really can't stand most Christian fiction? oh, i'm sorry. it's not really all bad, in fact, some of my favorite books (Mark of the Lion series, by francine rivers ) are found in the Christian fiction isle. most, in my humble opinion are full of cheesy love stories and down right blasphemy.. so i steer clear of them.. usually.

so two days ago,  i'm desperate for a book, i look behind the boss's desk, where we keep the brand new fresh outta the UPS truck not even checked in waiting to be processed books.. did i tell you it's my favorite place to be in the library?  i love me new books. 

i pick this book up, love the cover so easily i decide to read it. THEN, realized it's from the publisher Tommy Nelson..yes, it's a christian fiction book. 

but the title is amazing

and the cover is awesome

and i'm currently not reading anything.

so why not??.... 

three things that i love about this author
  1. he's an incredible title writer.. it suggests you need to know why crickets cry. did you know they could? 
  2. his characters are real people who are trying to live for God in a very real way among very difficult circumstances.
  3. the plot is engaging and made me feel for the characters. really feel.

i laughed.
i cried.
i learned a ton about the human heart
it was, almost the perfect book. 


yeah, it's still in the christian fiction isle.

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Karrie K said...

you have issues...but i still love you to pieces...