Friday, October 22, 2010

i'm in love with another......


yes, it's true. i can't deny it any longer.  please don't tell the lead singer, he just wouldn't understand.  it's just that this Charles guy is a wonderful and perhaps the best title writer ever. i'm in awe.  

 and guess what?!?!!?!

THIS BOOK ISN'T in the CHRISTIAN FICTION SECTION!!!  (can i hear a Hallelujah??)

so upon returning the last book by this guy to our local library. i checked to see if we had anything newer.. and we did.

in fact, this is his newest book yet, which means, of course, i loved it for it's hardcover at first, but when i finished the book last night in the wee hours i really started to like it for it's title. 

and this morning after thinkin about it all some more.. i LOVE the title.

seriously. this author is amaxing and gifted, and he's written 7 books. so i only have 5 left to find. 

but this book is so much more than the title.  of course i laughed, giggled and cried my way through should read this book...for reals.

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