Monday, October 11, 2010

living in a swimsuit.

there are these two rivers in yellowstone that meet. one is boiling hot water and the other well, it's freezing cold water. and where they meet is a place to sit and enjoy yourself in your swimsuit. it's like a God made hot tub, where one minute your toes are freezing and the next they are scorching hot. it really is an amazing place. it's located kinda off a beaten path, and the park doesn't really advertise it, so it's mostly by word of mouth that people find it. which makes it extra special and a unique experience.

it doesn't really surprise me that the cold water runs oh so much faster than the hot. in fact, my sister in law and i watched a young lady swept away by the fast current only to be caught by a man down river.

in contrast the hot water is a slower waterfall that empties into the fridged water making both temperature water bearable and invigorating at the same time. it's the place where everyone wants to be, so it's crowded and you find yourself huddled up to strangers in a swimsuit. yeah, it's kinda weird, but it's a comfortable uncomfortable, if i can use that?

my main concern was to keep my children and my teeny tiny uber cute niece from floating down the river of cold when i was there, so i didn't really get to enjoy the place for what it was.

so today, i am.

the middle "hot-tub" water is full of people that can go either to the cold water or hot. we found that where you sit upstream from them dictates what kind of water they get downstream. if you move even your leg a fraction of an inch it sends a rush of hot or cold to your neighbor. i can tell you from experience that the hot water is a much more welcomed temperature.

it's really an odd thing when you realize how much impact you have on those around you, and they on you, while your sitting there doing life together in your swimsuits.

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