Thursday, October 7, 2010

dear thursday,

i had so many plans for you, such as conquering the mountain of laundry just waiting for a ride over to the neighbors (yes, the washer still is busted.) i was then going to travel to the fabric store to nab a few yards of sweet luscious fabric for christmas presents, and then i was going to even visit my fave print shop to bind a book for a study that i wanna start. it was going to be a great day of just odds and ends.


i had to save the day at a preschool over in a neighboring town.
i had to shorten my workout/devotion time
i got to spend quality time with the lead singer cleaning the chicken coop
and then, i find this in the garage...

my middle world changer thinks aspiring to be a hippy is bad.
i have failed as a mother.

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