Friday, October 8, 2010


three weeks into my not using Facebook..

~my world changers don't yell when i'm taking a picture "she''s going to post that on facebook!"

~ i don't think of random status updates at odd times.

~i don't know if your dog died, what the weather is like in Wyoming, if your pregnant, your having goulash for dinner, or what the current topic of interest is for your 2 yr old. and that makes me happy.

~i have read a bazillion books... so far nothing really worth talking about.

~face to face (or voice to voice) relationships really are worth the effort. duh.

~ places in my house have been sorted, cleaned, and stuff sold or blessed to someone else.

~ 15 lbs gone off this body of mine.

~best of all. i have eliminated "noise" in my heart.... and i can concentrate on loving and living for the One who gave it all for me. being quiet has it's perks!

do i miss it?



Anonymous said...

Yeah for losing 15 pounds! We need to go running together very soon! :) People really posted that they were eating goulash for supper? Yuck. I'm going to a football game without you tonight and that makes me a little sad, but I know you will be in good hands, so have fun!!

Erika said...

I am :) but FB doesn't know. Have fun celebrating with Grandma tomorrow. Wish we could join you all!

kelly said...