Thursday, October 21, 2010


today i..
  • got to open the grape juice bottles at breakfast, spilling all over my skirt.
  • was in charge of 5 littles when it came to getting ready to play outside, none had coats, 50 OTHER littles in the hall coming in from playing, three women talking about how they can't believe i would even think about taking those 5 littles outside without a coat.  of course i didn't. 
  • ran up a hill and down a hill three times with 9 littles.. musta been a site to see as the littles were shouting.. "hey look a teacher is running!" 
  • picked up more fruit and veggies than one kitchen should have.
  • cuddled with a  little who's daddy just past away. 
  • ate beef sticks for dinner.  (i'm pretty sure they are illegal in some states)
  • rode the short bus without a helmet
  •  while riding said short bus was asked if i was wearing underwear under my skirt. i told the little pervert it was none of his business. 

yup, i'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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Jodie said...

I like the last 2 comments the best! haha!