Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the subtle difference

The red dress never had to panic as I picked the fabric off the bolt at the store.

It never had to worry if it would get changed, or renewed. 
all it had to do was allow me the rebuilder to rebuild it.
and wow I sucked at that job.
In fact, the red dress wreck is now in the trash.
 After tearing and sewing more than any other article I have ever sewn. 
It's done. 
I can't make it beautiful. 
I tried.

The green skirt is my grandma's fabric, i think. might have been my mom's, but the point is.
It's been sitting in a box, comfortable. safe and secure. happy.

Until I found it yesterday and you can call me crazy, 
but I really did hear it scream and panic when I took the scissors to it.
 It was fabric, but it became so much more, 
just because I as the creator had a purpose and a plan.

not to rebuild the fabric from a pattern,
but to create something that I needed and could use.

The green skirt was scared, and confused. weak.
until all the cutting and sewing was all over. 

 Now it's the green skirt that's in the closet of the creator, to be worn and used. 
and the red dress wreck is in the trash, gone forever. 

"Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness, and the rivers in the desert." Isaiah 43:19


Anonymous said...

It almost sounds like this story was told from the "Red Dress" point of view. Because, if the creator were to write it, the red dress would realize that maybe she wasn't meant to be a dress at all. She just needed to be patient. Because, after all, everything is beautiful in the eyes of the Creator. Some things just take more time, a little more mending and some deeper thought. Good things take time.

kelly said...

J- you are right, everything IS beautiful in the eyes of the Creator, but notice that the Creator in this gig is/was human.. that red dress is in the trash simply because even if i were to alter it or even finish it perfectly.. it will still be far short of what its supposed to be. What it really needs is a pair of scissors and a chop job... maybe it's a future purse?

Anonymous said...

I have an ugly purse, but I still use it! Good idea! Know anyone that would love a new purse?? Anyone?? Anyone? (pick me, pick me).