Monday, January 24, 2011


Structure creates what you know and how you live.
Structures decide if you are growing, if your melting or if you'll remain frozen where you are.
The structure you have in place has ultimate control of your thoughts, feelings, and soul. 

everything has a structure.. it's how He made it, even if it's recognizably wonky. 
It's still got a structure from which it relies for life.

The best part of knowing this, about structures that is.. is that they can change.
and yes, it might take a mighty effort on your part to release an unhealthy structure your leaning on.

 But there is a morning coming when you will realize that the structure that you are now walking with 
is the one He planned for you all along.

Holy Spirit, Truth divine, 
Dawn upon this soul of mine;
Word of God and inward light, 
Wake my spirit, clear my sight.

Holy Spirit, love divine,
Glow within this heart of mine;
Kindle every high desire, 
Burn up self in thy pure fire.
-M.E. Coles

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