Thursday, January 13, 2011


The Lead Singer held out on me. 

I'm not mad, but after asking him a few more questions about his Nikon, I know now about an important button. the Fstop.  yeah.. it's a pretty important one. I'm still learning of course. I haven't even begun to figure out white balance and ISO, or are they the same thing?  Ugh, learning a new skill of this magnitude takes time, I know. 

  He's so good to help my brain learn a new skill.  He doesn't get why I even want to learn, but he teaches anyways.  My own why becomes clearer as I listen to him and spend time in the snow.

It's painting.
It's communication.
It's worship.

 and as I'm outside in frigid weather I begin to wonder. 

Will I ever look at snow the same way again? 

 I hear whispers of my Creator in my almost frozen shut ear.

"The hairs of his head were white like wool, 
as white as snow." Revelation 1:14

My Jesus. My Savior. My Deliverer. 
White as snow in appearance. 
Perfect. Spotless. 
Covering all that surrounds me.

and as I stand there gasping for the words to give back to Him. 

"Oh my soul magnifies the Lord" 
was all I could come up with. 

but somehow, when I realize
 the magnitude of white around me. 

those words just seem appropriate. 

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