Monday, January 3, 2011

may the best daughter win....

There is the bread that my mom makes every year for Christmas. 
It's affectionally called, Christmas bread.

 My mom was unable to make it due to a knee replacement she recently had.
While she spent the weeks preceding the big morning meal at her house on the couch.
A challenge was issued by dad to insure the tradition wouldn't miss a year.

The best baker of the Christmas bread would then be encouraged to keep making it 
year after year.. just like mom does. 

the youngest daughter, upon being encouraged to double the recipe 
was floating away on a flour cloud last time we saw her.

the middle daughter, who lives in a house with no heat in the kitchen,
had yeast raising issues, and never recovered.

the eldest daughter, going the extra mile as always, used a thermometer to make sure her 
yeast would work, and sprinkled coconut on top. 
Thinking she was a shoo in as the future Christmas bread maker.

Who won?

The Brother In Law, 
who upon seeing his wife floating on a cloud of flour stepped in to save the day.

I guess he gets to make it from now on..... right mom?  


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Christmas bread? You should post the "secret family recipe" and I promise not to tell anyone. (I want the brother-in-laws version). haha!

the eldest daughter said...

hmmmmm....i didn't realize we HAD picked a winner....i guess that means my house won't have to make it again... :) Hey, are you up for a re-match next year? How about lefse?!!! and jodie, you won't be getting that recipe either! we all had to eat the recipe card after we made it....

kelly said...

THANKFULLY ate it... that bread is awful to make, no wonder mom always says "it didn't turn out." Does anyone know exactly what it's supposed to look like anyways? but dang its yummmmilicious!