Monday, January 9, 2012

to find a pure heart.

He steps out of his house, overcome with the need to hear. Stepping over all of the litter that lines his front steps he strains to see what his heart longs to feel. Two words repeated over and over on his lips are the simply cry from his heart. Pure heart. Pure heart. He meditates and searches everyone he meets. Gazes that flutter by intent on their own schedules, demands, life. Is it possible that there are no pure hearts in this place? Questions mount up on eagles wings and take flight, soaring high, desperately wanting to land somewhere safe where the answers are found. He keeps walking. Looking. Searching desperately wanting to find a pure heart. He tires. He sits. Weary from the journey of many years. 

A stranger comes to sit by him. Talking starts and suddenly a wave crashes over he who seeks and he is drenched in safety. The words pour from his lips. Things deep within are brought to the surface to join the wave and the water heals. The wave of grace was given. Safety was found in time. The release of something you can not control- the ticking of the clock to someone else. Time to be human. Time to process all that takes place in this sinful world. The stranger had time, and he gave it. 

A pure heart can't help but give grace to those around them.  Which in turn gives safety.. which in that safety gives he who seeks a chance to become pure. It was God's plan along. 
Always there, just might not always be visible.

I'm fully aware that the above might not make complete sense to anyone of you my dear fellow readers. I'm fully aware that its confusing and even rather simple in it's delivery. What I do know is that stepping out my house this morning wanting to take an image of this...

 I turned around and the moon had yet to fade I snapped the image that is in the story above.
The words pure heart came to mind.. then it wasn't me in the was a young "he" 
 An image played across the screen in my head of the very human need of being safe in relationships.. and that it can only come from God. 

That's all I know.. the rest is up to God. 


Karmen said...

I love you. Safety, grace, acceptance, love, I get it.

kelly said...

karmen.. you are beautiful.