Thursday, January 19, 2012

the process spelled out.

A brush in had I sit. First a color blended with white, isn't everything better when mixed with white?  Then, the internal gets in the way.  Thoughts and feelings that echo the lies buried deep within a person. 

You aren't worthy of this
You are wasting your time. 
You should be doing laundry or something worth while. 
You don't know enough about this. 
You need a college degree, more training.

 Yet, I pick up a color and blend. Ever mixing, putting one stroke in front of the other, all the while my soul cries out to the One who Spoke things into being.  Words created the firsts.  I rely on the Word. My you's turn into He's.

He is worthy. 
He is trust worthy.
He is life.
He is Truth.
He is my Savior.
He is peace.
He is Joy.
He is happy.
He is my source.

My words join with His words and I give myself over to the process of creating. Deep in the flow of the Spirit an image appears and we dance over the canvas together. The Giver giving strength where I am weak. He speaks and I capture the words. 

The process takes little time, and to tell you the truth I feel very guilty accepting any form of payment for God's creation through me. I struggle over it's "re-gifting" feel that comes so easily if I am forced to put a price tag on a canvas.  

So, for a while I am not. 

I am instead, raising money to help a ministry that has touched my heart, through words. Kimberly Smith, the author and co-founder of Make Way Partners leads a ministry deep into stopping human trafficking, which is just a buzz word for actions carried out by humans straight from the pit of hell in my opinion.  Half of whatever comes in by donation from each print is sent directly to this ministry, who is in the business of rescuing, feeding, and restoring hope into hundreds of children. Children that are forced by adults into nightmares.  

There is a place of peace, of complete happiness that I love to visit. It's there, holding onto my Father's hand, that He shows me that I'm on the right path, a path that He leads me on.. and finally I can say.. I have things to do, and places to go...and that makes my heart very happy. 

**the above 11x14 original lovely has a suggested donation of $50, because some folks just need a guideline. ;) **

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Hand!! Ugh.. Always the details that prove to you I'm human! Ugh.