Thursday, August 18, 2011

35,000 feet up.

Two weeks ago, I boarded an airplane with the Lead Singer... and a few other folks. 

We stopped in Canada for a bit. 

Then, hit the air in the red eye across the Atlantic. 7 hours in a plane. Over the ocean. I originally thought it was going to be boring, but God surprised me by showing me His grace and glory, all wrapped up in one.  35,000 feet up I wrote these words.

One would think that while on vacation blogging wouldn't be the first thing that comes to mind, Yes, it's true, if your keeping track, that this is the third huge trip in three months.  God is good is all I can say, Do I feel spoiled? Yes, but as a dear relative told me- that just means your loved.

So loved am I, that God painted a rainbow in the sky for me. Ok, so, I'm prolly a little narcissistic when I say that, but if He's my God then by golly I'm going to claim little victories over the prince of this world.

Many thoughts run through your head as you prepare for almost two years to spend a significant time away from the day to day. Most of all, it's the mommy in me who rears it's heart and struggles with just accepting a great gift and allowing God to be God.. even if something horrible happens and several babies are without mommies, daddies, and the best grandparents for the rest of their life. 

Dying to self on vacation is the hardest time to die, but I'm positive it can be done. He promises, and he wrote it in the sky. 35,000 feet up. Where He knew I'd see it.  He promises that He will never leave me or forsake me... ever. Dying is ok, in fact, it's encouraged. 


If God allows I'll share a few short stories and images from our travels in the upcoming posts. 
It really was a trip of a lifetime... and God was all over it. 

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