Tuesday, August 23, 2011

boarding liberty.

Bright and early in the morning the coach bus picks us up at the hotel in Spain, and we drive through the streets to the port to our ship. When I saw where the ship was made, I immediately felt at home. Ok, honestly I felt a little sad.. knowing I can't even take an international holiday without thinking about my family back in the Bahamas.. oh how I miss them...  but what do you do?? Stay sad? Nope! 
I snapped an image and looked forward to boarding. 

Once on board, we found our way around the massive ship and played a little. 

There was a pre-dinner show with this guy.. who is balancing on top of two bottles with a rubber ball in between. I and the Lead Singer were in awe. 

and then, dinner. at 9pm.  

a short sleep and we will dock in France!! 

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