Friday, August 19, 2011

Steppin through.

Just a few more steps and it's exploration time of the great city of Barcelona, Spain.

Step 1. Check into the hotel at 8am. 
Step 2. Try to turn on the lights in our rooms.
Step 3 (for some) try to pull some weird concoction off the wall where the light switch should be
Step 3 (for others) ask the maids in the hallway in really bad Spanish... "donde' la luce?"  
Step 4. Watch said maid insert room key into the weird concoction on the wall immediately turning on ALL the room lights. 
Step 5. Collapse on the bed knowing you have a full day in a foreign country and you are waaaaay behind on the learning curve already. 

So, Spain... Here we come! and it was a lovely day full of stepping one foot in front of the other...


and walking...

and then... sleeping. 

Barcelona, I liked you. Even if being super tired was the way I spent my day with you. 

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