Saturday, August 27, 2011

a bit of france.

France... was well, very nice.  We took a tour to a very small town filled with artisans that had little shops in the streets. I think pictures best tell this place.. so here ya go! 

The view from the top of the city wall. 

The flowers, streets, balconies, small doors and shops oh man,  they were all very picturesque. I  loved every minute of this little corner of the world.. and was very sad we only had but a brief stay.  

After our stop at the medieval village, we drove through the countryside to a coastal town.

these  were in a window.. all made out of candy. 

we didn't tell him he was sporting those stickers.... until later, i think? 

After walking and site-seeing/shopping we headed back to the boat. It's the first formal night.. and boy was I not expecting the surprise the Lead Singer rigged up... I'll save that story for me it's worth it. 

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Helen said...

Beautiful pictures! And I still love both of your smiles just as much as I did in college! They make me smile all over my face! :)