Tuesday, December 14, 2010

zipped up and dusty.

 "I have to apologize...I haven't seen you very much.  I've been busy and life is hectic.  It seems I can't find time for myself, much less, YOU!  But I THINK about finding some time for just the 2 of us and I know that it will be worth it when I do!  Maybe I should schedule a date in my book and
 then find a place without people so we can visit?"
(I received the above comments in my email, along with these great images of a dusty, zipped up Bible.
After I sorda got permission to share it with you, 
I decided that I of course needed to respond with a few words too..)

I have been there. 
Buried in life up to my eyeballs. 
When life seems to be going at mock 10
 and you can't just scream 

I have been there, feeling like God is so far away.
How could He possibly want to spend time with me? 
my thoughts consumed me with desire.
a desire to be close.
yet, there was always something in the way.

oh that it could be as simple as dust.
however, frequently it's the zipper too.
Hiding what i need.
buried. locked away.

this image, and your words. 
touched my soul.
cried out to me to pray for you.
but what could I offer you worth any value
other than the Words of the Father?

"The Lord God is in your midst,

 a mighty one who will save."

Zephaniah 3:17a

Hold on.. 
He is in your midst...
when you are buried 
wherever you are, 
whatever your doing, 
whatever your not doing. 
He is there. 
Waiting for you to dust off your heart, 
unzip your soul,
and let Him fill it. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is beautiful! "He is there. Waiting for you to dust off your heart, unzip your soul, and let Him fill it." -Laura Liu

kelly said...

laura lui! i MISS your sweetness! thanks for commenting, i love them all!