Friday, December 31, 2010

A list of secrets for you.

Well, we made it! 200 posts! Strike up the band and put on your red high heels! There is nothing more exciting than taking a time out and thinking about the path you have walked over the past 200 times we have met here in blog land.  I'm thinking, this might even be the highlight of your day!! REALLY!

ok, so not really, but it might be better than reruns of soap operas? or maybe not, who knows. However, I wanted you to know that I know your reading, and I consider it a privilege to share some moments of your already filled to the brim days. As a gift to you my dear tag-a-longs, I have composed a list. Tis the season right?  So, without further yacking on my part.. 

A List of Secrets 

  • I still giggle when I think of this post written back in 2009.
  • Most of you find Another Happy Day with the direct link button from networked blogs from Facebook. A feature that I started this past year. It's automatic when I push publish, so if you comment on a post in Facebook World, I seldom comment back there, because....
  • this is my theory. A post that only took 4 minutes to compose. I think thats the fastest I ever composed and judging by the page views in my stats bar... it's the most popular post!  
  • the Path is the only post that I spent days and days praying about, planning, and taking pictures for. It comes in a very very close second in page views. 
  •  The most embarrassing post I ever wrote.. well, at least for the Lead Singer. It even tops this post... which I have discussed in public more than any other post.
  • The Lead Singer isn't his real name.. ok, so maybe not a total secret, but no I don't call him that anywhere but here. I think he likes that. 
  •  One of the best parts about telling you what I'm dealing with on a frequent basis is that when certain prayers are answered I get to tell you. Someday, I'm going to tell you the story behind this post. just not today. God is faithful.
  • It's not always easy coming up with the words to put in a post. You can tell I'm having a hard time when I rely on just phrases and pictures, like this post, which is my most favorite of all time "post fillers."
  • I'd REALLY like to meet who keeps popping in to read from Russia, Canada, and Germany. Perhaps the biggest secret of all to me.
  • Have you noticed that I now try to punctuate and capitalize correctly? Gosh I hope so, it's the most irritating thing about posting! details.. I am learning to at least appreciate them.
  • Comments make my day. Really. Truly. It helps me to know I'm not talking to myself, which maybe I still do....when your not around. 

There ya have it folks! A short list of the secrets behind the magic that happens here at Another Happy Day. Its been a fun ride and I really look forward to spending the next season of life with you. Kick off those red high heels and go dance a jig on the coffee table, or better yet... go kick a cat.. that will make you just as HaPpY!! 

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Karmen said...

I have readers in Russia, Canada, and Germany as well. I have a guess as to who the Canadian and German readers are, but no clue on the Russian one. COuld be the same readers as yours, since I have you linked to my blog. =)