Monday, December 6, 2010

Birthday Countdown.

Found 10 new grey hairs.
Discovered  9 ways to talk myself out of new fabric at Hobby Lobby.
Spent 8 dollars for a Christmas gift.
Drank 7 bottles of water.
Took 6 wrong turns trying to find a preschool. 
Visited the bathroom 5 times cuz of  7. 
Received 4 bills in the mail.
Picked up 3 world changers from school.
Rewrote my letters for tonight 2 times.. at least.
and last but not least... ONE class left.. and that makes me about as excited at nibbling on baby cheeks. 

 Today is my birthday, and I want a cupcake like this. nothing else will do.  It's yummizilla.   

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