Wednesday, September 8, 2010


how do you tell a manly rooster from a girly one?

i'm not too proud to tell you that i have no clue.

i got me 8 ladies the post said.. but it SHOULD have said i have 7 ladies and one very very macho hairy man.. but i think maybe i wanted my lead singer to have that title??

but i was told if you want eggs, "you be needin a rooster".

my dreams were to have this vicious creature that hunts down things like he's in the mafia. but he's just well, not. he's a cutie, and really nice. which doesn't fit into my "i wanna rooster that will eat cats" theory. the cats in fact, could care less that this mean and nasty creature has taken up residence on this wanna be farm.

he is quite bashful. which is irritating to me in an odd way.

so this rooster he needs a name. and i'll entertain any that you pitch to me. and if i pick your name.. i'll send you a few cats as a prize. so make sure you enter often!!

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