Thursday, September 9, 2010

13 Little Blue Envelopes

i work at the local library.. did i ever tell you that? i'm sure you figured it out somewhere on this journey we are taking. many times, no , in fact, lots of times young adult readers ask me for recommendations on good books. normally i don't read that genre. but since i consider it my job to point people away from really wasting their time on a bad book, i decided that i should in fact read a few.
so i picked this one up yesterday.
it's an alright read. the main character is Ginny, who has this dead aunt who is leading her across Europe with tasks that are found in these envelopes. it's a pretty simple plot and the characters aren't really developed (one of the main reasons i don't read young adults....) but all in all it was a great book.
the cover is REALLY misleading, which is sad, because Ginny talks a ton about wearing the wrong clothes that look touristy and how she hates that. but sex sells, even books, so they put a half naked chick on the cover.. sad.
i'd recommend this book for 14 or older, the tour you receive around Europe is worth the read.

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