Wednesday, September 15, 2010

book snob.

i have a few rules when it comes to books.
#1 they have to be new
#2 no paperbacks
#3 they have to be new
#4 i love new authors

reason's #1 and 3 is probably why i love to work at the library. in fact, i'm such a book snob that if someone has even read the book once.. i'll look for the CD of it and listen to it. it's hard to be me sometimes.

so yesterday at work, because i couldn't play scrabble with Daisyman in Facebook world, i decided to read a few pages of the new Sparks book.... knowing that i'd never pick it up to read it once it hit the shelf, because... #1 and #3 rules just have to be obeyed.

i finished reading it this morning at 5:27. would i recommend it? totally.

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