Wednesday, September 2, 2009


today's happyday! was a bit more messy than in the past. ok, so it was REALLY messy. i'm wondering when the fact that my first daycare with all boys, except one lone princess, doesn't like to get messy will sink in. i think images are the only way to really give you the effect of the mess.

yah, that's what i call a ROYAL mess, so much fun. (did you notice the "glue" on the forehead?)

then i went to my other daycare. the kiddos are younger at this one, so we didn't create a super mess with paper mache. instead, we painted and created fridge magnet holdy things for our art. paint is always messy, but such fun was had. i personally think this particular daycare place could sing and dance the hour away.. they love that part that much.

it was another happyday! out on the road.. super uber nice and sunny too.. it was nearly perfect. i say nearly because i still don't have a bus. *giggling to myself

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