Friday, September 11, 2009

personal 9/11

this morning, i woke up to the sounds of that horrific moment when a newscaster had realized that the first building was tumbling. even before my feet hit the floor i was praying for those that re-live "the moment" when they realized that a loved one was there. it's got to be so very tough.

so i was a bit discouraged and just in a funk about how life is unfair and hard. i knew i needed to renew my mind.

so i did, by listening to the Word and walking. focusing my thoughts on how great and wonderful God really is.. and that He allowed 9/11 to happen and He allows our own personal "9/11 's" to happen. it's that shock of something so inconceivable that should draw us into His arms. something that totally brings us to the end of ourselves, because when we are made weak.... HE is made strong.

it's in that truth that i lean hard on when i remember how loving my Father is.. and that He wants me as close as possible to Him, always.

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