Tuesday, September 8, 2009


last night i stayed up a tad bit too late. ok well, it was 3:30ish before i actually went to sleep. and what you ask was i doing up that late? well, i was hanging with my super duper friends from high school. yup. picked up where we left off after all these years. my face still hurts from smiling so much.

i think what was so much fun was the realization that happens somewhere in your 30s that high school just isn't going to define you anymore, and you start shaking off those old boxes that you were put into either by yourself or by others. and you start to live as though you really did find yourself when you left high school.

that's what happened around the campfire last night.

i saw two friends.. refuse to live in those boxes anymore...

in all reality they had probably gotton rid of those boxes in some sort of fashion years earlier.. and i was just realizing that they were gone, my hope is thats what happened. life is way to short to live in boxes that either you put yourself into .. or that was forced upon you by small town thinking. either way i'm proud of them. i admire them.

the hard part i guess, as the night progressed, you find out that life gets messier and hurts run deeper and loving those we love gets harder.... and those boxes are harder to live in, or get rid of.

they become comfortable.

and we dont' really want to get rid of them.

so we don't. we carry them. we live in them. and dare i say we enjoy them?

it's hard to move out of a box into a new one, but good friends, around a fire, are pretty good truth tellers after midnight..

so i'll hold onto it.. at least for another 6 weeks.. then you can have it.. until you move out of that box.

unless... you need more time to realize that you don't want to live in that box anymore....

i'll be here either way.

cause that's what friends are for.

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