Thursday, September 17, 2009

preschool needles

this morning i had the amazing opportunity to let 7 preschoolers play with needles. such great care was taken to avoid being pricked, and over all it was an outstanding lesson in pattern making. For about 45 minutes these boys, and one princess sat on my grandma's sleeping bag talking and discussing important things that preschoolers think are important like : mommies, daddies, names of cats, and of course snot. i love my job.

(this idea was found here !! )


ZooMama said...

Thank you for posting the link! I like this idea and am excited to do this with my Littles! And you know what? We have a yellow sleeping bag - I'm pretty sure that's gonna become the Hagen HomeSchool HappyDay mat! I love the HappyDay business model, while I won't be doing THAT, I will have HappyDay in the PNW, at home, right along with you!

LiEr said...

Kelly, thanks for telling me about your day! It made MY day! I am so glad your preschoolers got to make wormy things with grandma's idea. I am impressed that you cut out all those felt circles!