Monday, August 31, 2009


there is just something about being home by yourself that i love... for example.

1. not answering "why are you doing that?" a billion times
2. multitasking tons.. like cleaning, creating, and organizing, blogging.. all at the same time.
3. jumping in the car and leaving in a matter of minutes
4. don't have to cook a thing.. i had cucumbers for breakfast and cold cereal for din din today.
5. silence.

but what i REALLY like is that when i sweep the floor i can find the dustpan.

happy monday to you! hope your finding it just as spectacular as i am!

oh i made this today..... (which is REALLY ugly in the pictures.. but uber cute in person)
i found the tute here .. love it :)

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carlylennox said...

Gosh I can empathize with this one! My daughter started nursery this week and I had four full hours of getting things done time. Bliss.