Thursday, August 13, 2009


oh my goodness.. it was a fantastic day to play! i intended to have the kids make paint with cornstarch, water, and food coloring.. and that's JUST what happened. oh i was so very very happy!

once we mixed up our paint, measuring and carefully stirring, we spread out on the driveway and painted so many wonderful things. the first stop was Jenny's house.. full of boys. so i was a bit worried that they might not slow down enough to actually enjoy themselves and get in the moment. oh boy was i wrong! i piped out some etta james on my ipod dock.. and those kids really immersed themselves into a fantastic time. towards the end of our time.. they were so close to each other the colors started to mix. and smiles and those "aha!" moments were to die for! ...super sad when we had to clean up.

at the next daycare i was a tad bit smarter. like mixing the cornstarch into the water.. duh....
and we cut a few things out of our storytime cuz i knew the kids would need extra time to create wonderful beautiful works of art. and yes. as expected the time went way to fast, and JodiE has a wonderful new look to her driveway... and a few rocks as well!

so i get home... intending to upload this whole wonderful process via pics.... but my wonderful camera chose to keep them.. and the only way for you to see them is to come have coffee with me and my camera. i'll put the pot on.

(the pics are JodiE's.. she took them and uploaded them to my facebook page.. that's y they are sooo very small.. but sooo very fun either way! thanks jodiE!)

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