Saturday, August 15, 2009

24 hour fave report

most faves in the past 24 hours

~hung out with E and her family in her bedroom
~got a motorcyle ride
~ate 2 yummy carrots from my garden
~taught a 21 year old special needs man how to knit
~read my littlest world changer "benny's penny's" 10 times.
~listened to a soul stirring sermon by my pastor matt
~got paid!!
~made 14 bubble wands
~got the bubble solution brewing for happyday!
~had a fab country spare rib grilled by my oldest world changer
~got my "feet" back into ministry. and i'm MOST stoked about that.

what did you do that was FUN in the past 24 hours....???

1 comment:

ZooMama said...

~ rec'd a handwritten thank you card from my 5 yo for working hard

~ saw the bottom of both 'dirty' hampers and both 'clean' hampers

~ participated in city-wide ServeFest. 5 churches, nearly 800 people serving the community in so many ways on Sunday morning!

~listened to the 2 yo pray

~cleaned with Method multi-surface in both grapefruit and cucumber. Mmmm!

~kept my cash in my pocket. It was a challenge, I 'won', that's why it was fun!

~offered to help friends with something that my husband ended up doing the grunt work for. lol!

~read Another Happy Day!