Tuesday, March 3, 2009


i have been sewing a ton lately.. and having no money to go out and buy new fabric, i have to settle for the mountain of scraps in my own stash. it's been fun to see what combinations that i can come up with.. kinda like a closet of clothes "which one goes together the best sorda thing..."

until i come to my mom's stash. Her fabric stash is filled to the brim with fabrics from when i was a little chick, and she sewed most all of my good clothes, and also fabrics from my both my grandma's. soooo they are my favorite..
love to look at them.
and play with them.
and touch them.
feel them...
imagine what they could be...

then i usually,

put them back in the box where they came from.

sounds silly i know. why on earth would i put my favorite back in the box and not let the world see it..


if i sew with it. it has to become something.

and it might not be perfect.

so i don't use it.

it sits in the box. to be used by someone else in another time and place.


i jump. until days like today. when i feel brave enough to use some.

i don't know whats so special about this day.. except that God made it and allowed me to grow closer to Him... while sewing..

and me finally deciding that to use the beautiful to create something..

might not result in the beautiful "perfect object" outcome that i desire.

but maybe I might become the most beautiful thing through the process.

and thats definatly worth it in the end.

"Not that i have already obtained this or am already perfect, but i press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me His own." Philippians 3:12.

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ZooMama said...

wow! That's really good!