Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i had my first parent teacher conference last night. God bless those teachers. they deserve the day off after 100 hour days to prepare for them. 


i looked at this one a bit different. i had been homeschooling for 2 years prior to putting the kids back in school in january.  so i was a bit apprehensive to hear over and over again, "they were behind, but they have caught up,"  (cause you know that i know that my kids are smarties..and completely adjustable...)

i had to keep thinking .. it's all about the kids.. it's not about what we did and what we didn't cover.  it's about where they are now. and where they need to be, and how i can help more at home.  become informed. right?

deep breath,  it's only about an hour. you can make it.

and i did.

my kids are great. 
my kids are "all caught up"
my kids "adjusted well"
my kids are learning.



i'm not sorry for homeschooling my kiddos...not one bit. they ( and i ) learned things that they needed. now the public school can teach them a few more things. and i will be ok with that. because i do not regret a minute of  homeschooling.

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