Tuesday, March 31, 2009

learned obedience..

i read something last night that rocked my world. 

the reason Jesus was led to and through the crucification was that he needed to learn something.


always thought Jesus was one of those guys who knew everything.. geeze.. his Father.. is GOD!!

so anyways... buried deep in the book of Hebrews... is this verse.

"Although He was a Son, 
He learned obedience 
from the things He suffered."
Hebrews 5:8

the Son (my Jesus) learned to obey His  Father, even when that included dying.  Only a crucifixion could provide that classroom. He learned an obedience He had never known before.

this isn't the type of "go here. do that obedience."  it's more. deeper. its all things, being given.. yielded if you may.

i am quite certain the garden of Gethsemane was a tough place to be. it was a time where Jesus.. kinda "duked it out" with God.  Where Jesus pleaded so much with God he sweat blood.

so Jesus.. pleaded with God to "make another way".. but God still took his son through his own crucification.  

tough stuff to deal with for sure.

but this i also know... 

When you have yielded your will to the worst thing that can happen, there is nothing larger out there!  There just is not anything waiting out there to destroy you that is greater than a bloody, unfair crucifixion.

and that gives hope to the crucified..  


Becky said...

wow. LOVE this. a lOT.

Slim Slim AKA Big Momma said...

ditto what she said! Thanks for another thought provoking post.