Thursday, November 25, 2010

You Alone.

 You are totally worthy to be praised. You alone are God. 
Your hand covers all- ALL! Oh what a glorious thought!! 

You guide me gently, always forgiving and never condemning. 
Always the Gentle shepherd

I praise your righteous and holy name. 
Thank you for rescuing me from the pit of despair. 

Knowing that you have my future in Your hands helps me not fear stepping those steps I must take. 
Nothing is too small for you. Nothing is too big for you. You are God of all.
You are ruler of me and my Great Defender. 
You are my God and nothing or no one else is.

 Today, I stop and praise You for everything You are to me, a simple sinner, who needs you desperately every hour of the day.  
I love you Father, so stinking much. 
Happy Thanksgiving, O giver of all! 

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