Thursday, November 11, 2010

on this day in 1938.

It was a moment in time that just happened. you look at that exact moment and wonder if you really would remember it in years to come.  It's like the "where were you when the challenger blew up?" conversations and then years later of course the "where were you when the towers were hit?" Questions that no doubt, when answered, evoke a deep emotion regardless of the "where were you?" question.

I will never get asked "where were you?" when this event happened on this day in 1938.  I'd like to say that i was there. Listening. Taking it all in. Remembering. Giving Thanks.

Today, i owe all my allegiance to a God that saw to it that this great country we call America stands tall. I'm so very grateful to those who fought long ago, and to those who are still fighting today for the freedoms that I so often take for granted. It's these thoughts that I would have thought, while I probably dried a tear or two during this "where were you?" moment.

A moment that is replayed over and over again, in honor of the few, the proud and the bravest among us. I'm honored to know a few...and i love you all. The memories and or realities that you no doubt live with everyday are far greater than any "where were you?" moments in my life. 

Today, on Veterans Day. I salute you and what you gave up to help make the country i live in safe and secure...May God Bless America.

 November 11, 1938. Kate Smith sang "God Bless America" for the very first time. It would later become her signature song. Irving Berlin penned the tune in 1917 but never released it until Miss Smith sang it for the first time on her radio broadcast.

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