Monday, November 8, 2010

i got me some readers.

the above picture will make total sense to you in a few moments, i promise, but you have to keep with me on this one, because i'm about to show you how God uses seemingly random things to make a point or clarification that i needed.

we start this little ditty last year when our church offered the "stepping up" study series by beth moore. it was all about the Psalms 120-134. these are called the "songs of the ascents." (and if you really want to know more.. open your bible and read them.. they are SO worth it!)

so that study over by a long ways, i,as of late, get to studying the life and times of Hezikiah, right?

i'm also trying with all my heart, and not doing very well, i might add, at  memorizing Ephesians 6, you know about the whole armor of God.. well, i wanted to make copies of it to put around my house so i copied and pasted it from a webpage, well, on this webpage there are cross references.. and one happens to be in Psalm 120.. so i click.

well, not really remembering that i actually learned something back in that "stepping up" series.. i DID remember that this was part of the "song of the ascents." then i read it again, and i start to wonder who wrote these 15 songs that are important enough for beth moore to write an entire study on them.  out comes my handy dandy study books.. and oh my goodness can you just GUESS what i found??

well, "rumor" has it that Hezikizah might have written some of these 15 "songs of accents" after he was given 15 more years to live by God. seriously.. how cool it that? i can just imagine him singing to the top of his lungs about how great and powerful his God is.. its super cool in my book even if he didn't write them to think that there is one written for every year he got to live.

and here is where those reading glasses come in handy.. i needed them to read, but i didn't need them to see. God's hand is ever knowing and all encompassing. HE shows us when we need something and what to do with that knowledge when we finally see it. 

Hezikiah was a great king, and i admire him and his trust in a God that i too serve.. although he went through some pretty tough stuff.. he continued to praise God, and today, God let me imagine what words he might have penned that expressed that praise. 

yes, i did find more really really cool stuff, but it's quite personal, so i'll save that for another day.... 

no, i'm not promising this time.

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