Saturday, November 6, 2010

finding Joy.

yesterday morning i got called to save the day at a local daycare, but i chose not to go. the world changers didn't have school and i promised them i'd take them shopping to  #1 find jeans that were long enough for the oldest, and #2 find  shoes that were big enough for the middle. when i said "no" to that money it was WAY hard, really. hard. but i had to choose my changers.. had to.

fast forward a bit..we get to that wonderful place where all your dreams come true, aka target. and i run into a gal i knew that i hadn't seen in a few years,  yes, we are friends on Facebook, so i did keep up with her that way and vice versa..but it was in the halloween discount isle that i fulfilled a promise. remember?  

we talked and chatted for what seemed like a moment.. but my world changers told me later it was FOREVER. gut level ministry/parenting stuff. it was a God ordained moment in time, both encouraging and convicting. it was so very good.  a blessing that i couldn't have possibly have seen when i said "no" to that save the day job earlier. and as if i wasn't loved on enough through that convo. God had me find 20 bucks in my pocket! whoohoo!!!!

"though i have much to write to you, i would rather not use paper and ink, Instead I hope to come to you and talk face to face, so that our joy may be complete." 2 John 12

are there any little desicions that you can make today that might have a huge impact on your joy?

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