Tuesday, November 16, 2010

in all things... even nakedness.

we have been looking at a naked friend, and i need to let you know a pleasant little secret, one that you might not have ever caught if you just read the verse we are diving into. let's refresh our memory first.

Then the LORD said, “As my servant Isaiah has walked naked
and barefoot for three years as a sign and a portent against Egypt and Cush,

in the days of prophets there was another language that people had. it's kinda weird, but those three years that it looks like Isaiah walked naked, were actually not three years, but maybe 3 days symbolically showing three years,  nor was he completely naked. searching out the what he was actually wearing has taken some time and energy, but i think i know now, that it's not important. nor is the time he was naked. it's just details in a bigger story. and that's where the hidden treasure lies, there beneath these rocks of this true story.

I don't know if Isaiah and King Hezekiah were besties and hung out at the local malt shop. That is just pure speculation on my part, but when King Hezzy was sick and in bed, Prophet Izzy came into his bedroom to tell him "to get your house in order your going to die." so i just think that it might be safe to assume that if your close enough to have an open door to your bedroom with a person, it's a pretty good bet you are friends.

so, here's Prophet Izzy hearing from God that his friend the King is being tempted to trust in something other than God.. and Prophet Izzy steps up to the plate and says.. "no Satan, you are NOT going to get this man, and as God is my helper. I'll do anything I am able to do to show him that he's worth the fight."  That meant, yes, he would have to obey God, for the sake of his friend no matter what seemingly crazy thing that God would have him do.

Prophet Isaiah put himself in a very compromising situation. If in fact, it was just three days instead of three years. He looked like a slave, a captive. All for the glory of God to shine through him so that his friend could see Truth,  a Truth that he didn't know he needed to hear, until he really needed the knowledge that God is trustworthy. all. the. time.

and i'm pretty sure that if King Hezzy was a good friend to Prophet Isaiah.. he would have done all in his power to cover him up! "Get some clothes on!"  he might have even been a bit mortified and wanted to run away from his naked friend and hide.. after all, we are a direct reflection of our choice in friends to those on the "outside!"

Am i willing to be that friend? to do anything and everything i can through a God who loves me so very much and is absolutly trustworthy?  to do anything and everything through God to help a friend realize that HE loves, accepts and is worth following 100%?  there is a bigger picture that no one can see right now.. i'm trusting in a trustworthy God that that picture will become clear, sooner rather than later, and that we all will see it.

be blessed my sweet readers YOU are loved by a great and mighty God who is totally trustworthy in all things.


kelly said...

is it legal to comment first on your own post? my blog, my rules.. so yes!

i just can't stop giggling at the first eight words.. what kind of person writes that? so funny.

ZooMama said...

AS long as it wasn't "ugly naked guy"! Thanks for your insight. This is a fun walk through the life of a prophet. Boy, those OT prophets had to go through some crazy stuff. I'm so glad they did!