Tuesday, December 29, 2009


somethings about me never change. they are as constant as my favorite tree.

living a double life has never been my "style"
i am who i am no matter where i am.

so it's goofy of you to try to change me, and expect that i will be someone else.

while you pretend your better than me.

because on the outside we are all very neatly packaged and beautiful

but when we are opened up we are all a bit complicated and chaotic

so let me live where i live

drink where and when i want to drink

no one is super hero enough to change me except God.

and i'm pretty sure he don't be needing your help.

if you want to know me
talk to me
ask me
let's discover how we can make this work
there is a much bigger picture worth looking at

you have no idea how many times i get to
plant seeds because i'm not afraid to break the rules.

you have no idea because you don't ask.

when i come to you.. when i bring this subject up

it will be between you and me.

and maybe both of us will get to see a whole new friendship emerge.

and maybe the body will be healthier
because our differences will not be as important
as glorifying God.

i sure hope so.

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