Sunday, January 3, 2010

i resolve to.

ok, holidays are over, and we are all in the beginnings of another year. i even had the chance to get and recover from the 24 hour flu thingy that made it's rounds to our family. yeah me! so, have you made any resolutions/goals yet? i'm sure at least you have thought about something you'd like to change, be better at, or complete in the year 2010. here's my list.

1. become healthy. which means...
~ dentist- (nope, not brave enough to pull my teeth myself... i have to draw the line.)
~ pediatrist-
~ complete physical- (and i'd BETTER not get a fishing for the vein kinda blood work guy)
~continue to run. ( i took a break thinking it's too cold out there, but the benefits FAR out weigh the cold for me personally.

2. Significantly reduce debt by
~ not spending money on stoopid stuff (fabric and books are not stoopid just so ya know)
~ getting another job or requesting more hours at my current job (my personal favorite)

3. Finish a "creative something" once a month
~ creating is my outlet, no matter what it is i'm creating. turning on the music, lighting a candle and losing myself to the process of creating something clears my thinking and makes me slow down and fall in love with the One who created me more. i say finish cause i'm not a finisher.. i'm a starter. i'll be posting these creations here. no matter if they turn out or not.... i'm sure it will be a humbling experience.

there. that should do it. it's not a ton, but it's enough. to just have nailed them down to three of all the options in my head and heart is practically a miracle. so, did i jar anything in your brain that you'd like to work on, accomplish? i 'd love to hear them!


ZooMama said...

My resolve is so simple this year, but it couldn't be more difficult for my flesh to accomplish. I purpose to put God first. I refuse to live in fear. this means accomplishing many things akin to what you have posted. Thanks for the brain jarring!

kelly said...

i look forward to hearing how God uses your resolve.. your a strong woman you can DO this... with HIS help of course!