Thursday, January 21, 2010

happy times.

our family spent this past weekend with my sister's and their incredible men. Among other things the world changers loved loved loved the snowmobile rides, like ALL day rides. My crazy bro in law has 5 sleds and this amaxing pull behind thingy that seats at least two.

super fun watching my oldest world changers zoom around the winter tundra. just wish i had a picture to show you of the whole lot of us jamming out to "smoke on the swatter." the weekend finished out with a very convincing win for my vikings. which of course made me happy.

oh and this next shot has a story...

it started with Facebook. Revive our Hearts posted this comment "How long do you think it will take Nancy Leigh DeMoss to sign 400 copies of her book while listening to a John Piper sermon?" i commented. "she can take as long as she wants, as long as she sends me one."

and she did. and i was reminded that i was a blessed and loved individual.

i hope you get reminded about how loved and blessed YOU are today!!

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Mamma Pie said...

how absolutely delightful!!!!!!