Monday, February 1, 2010

HAPPY February!!

whew! i was starting to think i was never going to make it. i adore winter, but for some reason January just seems like one of those months that just never freaking ends. and everyone knows that Feb is the shortest month.. which means the snow will be melting very soon.. um, right...after.. i'm sure the 3 inches that we are getting as a type.... melts.. oh winter will you ever end?

as a testament to how crazy January makes me.. here's another little ditty for you to giggle at.

about 3 days ago i looked at my license and was thinking holy moley i have to renew by Feb 6th!.. goodness knows that i would NEVER pass that test.. again.. so, i head to our county court house.. plop my purse on the counter, and say "WOW, i almost didn't make that one!" and handed the sweet lady my license to start the process of renewal.

"um... you have till December 2010."

*smile sweet, hang tail between the legs.. grab license and walk quickly out. i'm so brilliant.

fed my embarrassment with a trip to the coffee spot in town.

on another note. i completely forgot to wish Another Happy Day a rousing birthday shout out! .. can i blame it on January?


Robin Thompson said...

You make me giggle. Sounds like you need a vacation. :) Let's go!!!

Karrie said...

I wanna come, too!!!!! one to many poopy diapers at this mamma;s house!!!