Wednesday, February 17, 2010

redeeming the day.

i started the lovely coffee pot this morning and walked away. only to come back for a cup of joe.. off the floor, off the counter.. ugh. didn't put the pot all the way in. i HATE that. i choose to snap a picture for you.. and then clean it up.

at the computer, trying to help you realize that i'm normal by uploading the picture.. only to find out that the SD card was broken, so my lovely proof that i'm normal is locked up inside. yeah for me!

so then i'm bringing the world changers to school. only to find out that the oldest had forgotten his "everything" notebook. so we drove the 7 miles home and then back 7 miles to school.

what a lovely day.

so i'm sitting at the library and i'm knee deep in studying james with a lady outta of texas that i'm absolutly adoring.. and the thought crosses my mind that maybe some of you ladies would like to listen and digg deep with me into this study. so, i'm going out on a limb and offering you a little bible study.. i'd like to know if your with me, but that's entirely up to you. God knows what you be needing, and for some reason.. i'm hoping and praying that by offering you this link.. i'm redeeming my horrible morning moments into something beautiful.

here's the link....and then right next to it is the weekly homework... you'll want that. the study on james is called faithworks... cuz your gunna want to know that too.

have a blessed day folks! ~ oh and thanks mr. plowman.. whoever you are. :)


Anonymous said...

I can't get the link to work?

kelly said...

sorry.. of COURSE this is how my day is going! try again!