Sunday, January 10, 2010

a different plan.

this morning i ventured out in this cold cold world, kinda feeling like that fan. moving through the motions of life. wanting to desperately connect to the "Source" so i stuck out my "paper clip" arm. and went.
i quickly connected to something, but what was it? this certainly wasn't the "plan" i had.. i just wanted to connect to the source.. what was i connecting to the "wrench" for? it really made me super sad, bitter, selfish, concerned (just pick a interesting feeling here that doesn't jive to Biblical authority, and i probably felt it.) to realize that i wasn't going to be led to the "Source."

until i stopped to realize that the "Source" hadn't moved. it was the same old "Source" i was just forced to see it and experience it different. a plan i didn't plan on, but you have to admit, the "Source" is pretty resourceful and can really pretty much use anything He wants to help you to hear what He want's to say to you.. (just read the talking ass story in the Bible!)

so looking back on the morning, although it didn't go AT ALL like i planned it, i still got to hang out and connect to the God (Source) who loves and takes care of me no matter what i feel like. yah.. you could say, He keeps me all warm and fuzzy on these very cold dark days of winter. Thanks God.

*and thanks lead singer for keeping my feet warm with your "go for broke" effort to keep the corn stove working in this -20 degree weather.. i notice.


Karrie said...

great writing but what's up with the fire hazard! :)

kelly said...

yah, um.. it's "temporary??"