Thursday, January 5, 2012

to play well.

My oldest changer has a natural talent to listen to music and then pluck it out on a stringed instrument. Its rather interesting watching him listen intently to each individual note inside a melody. Then almost instantaneously playing each note perfectly. Blending those strings to make a beautiful song that bless those who hear. We gave him his first guitar several years ago, but that isn't the one he uses today. No, he grew out of that one,  now he has several that he uses in different settings depending on his mood, and expectations of the listeners. I love to listen to him play, it truly is a gift. In someways I wish he could do nothing more than sit and play all day to hone the skills he has. Become a giver of beauty to all who hear, but we all know thats not possible in this world of responsibilities and expectations. 

The constant flow of information, the search for the person you want to be, the battle between who you are and the one your teachers, parents, coaches and a host of other adults think you are. It is a constant chorus of minor chords. Being a teenager is tough, and just because I was a teenager once, doesn't mean I know what they need, want, or have all the answers when it comes to parenting them well. I am as clueless as it comes to this musical symphony. What I do know is that with anything it takes practice, even if you have a natural ability. Time and effort simply must seep into the musical score if you want to play well.

This season has been tough, I'm not going to hide that fact. I have amaxin changers, but we are all sinful and that makes living a bit interesting sometimes around here. I love them enough however, to resolve to be a better parent. Change starts with me, and instead of choosing to live a life that I know hasn't worked in the past... I choose to make a few very subtle, as to not freak out the lead singer, changes. Here's your chance world changers to be in the know of your mom's heart.. pay attention. 

1. I choose to show you love no matter what mood you are in,
 with an encouraging voice.

2. I choose to pray for your hearts daily.

3. I choose to spend quality time with you on your terms,
 seeking nothing in return.

4. I choose to spend quality time in the Word daily,
so my strength in this is not my own.


This post started with questions in my head.. what is working in my parenting? whats not working? what could I be better at with God's help.  Am I relying on the Orchestrator of all.. or am I relying on my own natural ability? What new habits can I develop in this area?  How would you answer?

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