Wednesday, August 22, 2012

lovin hotdogs.

I'm the owner of a Hot Dog ring.

Those are eight words that I never would have even dreamt would have spewed out of my keyboard. Who wears these things? Or who even MAKES things like this in hopes they will sell?? Like who lays in bed thinking.. "Today I'm going to make a hot dog ring." Who DOES THAT???

It was the first day of summer.. I was gulping down my very first hotdog of the season.. and I rather quickly fired off a Facebook status that read.. " I think I'm going to count how many hog dogs I eat all summer." 

And I did just that. 

I couldn't go almost anywhere without someone asking.."How many are you up to now, Kelly?" I know how a dozen or so of you love to eat your hot dogs, and I know who loves them and who tolerates them. I know more about how the human loves or hates hotdogs then I care to admit. 

School started today, so I'm done counting. All summer I have eaten 12 hot dogs... and I dislike hot dogs very much.  

But I have a hot dog ring. 

A reward perhaps? A God given gift from a lovely friend who saw it on etsy and knew I needed it. Proof that maybe something you hate or tolerate can indeed have love hidden in it if you are given the chance to see it? 

Love is shown in many ways, even hotdog rings.  

Joanna. I love you too.