Wednesday, April 29, 2009

burning down the house.

i tried to burn them down.  yes.. the chickens. they haven't even made it "home" yet to the coop and i am already trying to kill them.    

you see they have this heat lamp.. and i'm thinking that they are getting spoiled with the heat since they will be outside in a matter of days (hopefully) and so i took the heat lamp and moved it so it was half in and half out of the black plastic cow tank they are in.

did you catch that?  plastic.. yah.. brilliant.

i'm smelling something weird. and i'm thinking something is on fire, so search party dispatches and yes.. it was to be expected. if you hang a heat lamp inches over the black plastic cow tank.. it will melt and create a stench.

so i still get to kill them.. just not by accident.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top 10 Thoughts on Tuesdays

1. Story time is MUCH more fun after 4 weeks then it is the first week.
2. It's always a really nice day out when i work. so that means my..
3. garden is not gettin planted.
4. sewing is fun but becomes stressful when you have to make it for someone else.
5. i have no yummy chocolate today. so the day will go by a bit slower than i want it.
6. i'm addicted to scrabble
7. new books make me happy.
8. i'm glad i have a realtionship and not a religion
9. every time i drink a diet mountain dew i miss my friend.
10. random thoughts are easier to write than complete thoughts.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


when i wanted to quit. 
You said "Be Still" over and over again.
and i listened.

now i keep hearing over and over again
"I will give you peace in this place"
so i stay.

and i seek constantly for that
peace that only you can give in the stillness of my heart.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

cooped up.

i told you i had chickens.

i had been putting off getting them for a long time specifically for this day.

this day is the day that the chickens NEED to be moved to their outside home.

a home that hasn't been built yet. 

and IF it's going to be built..  it has to be by me.

and that faces me dead square in the face with something that i have been dealing with for a while.

it frustrates me to no end.
i'm an American. i can do it all.
i have the brains.
the ability.
and the time.
but i don't have 

the tools.

i have a new occupation.. but no tools.

how am i supposed to start or even finish without the tools?

heck. what tools do i need?

geeze... it's a silly chicken coop.. you'd think it would be simple.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

catch up.

whew.. tons has happened here at Happy Day.  got the garden started and dug out. just waiting to plant the darn thing on a not so windy day.. it's the biggest garden i have ever tried. and i am hoping to at least grow something. i did plant potatoes and the very big nuisance Bozley dug them all i replanted them.. again...

bozley.  yah. he's the dog a friend needed to find a temporary home to in a quick hurry.  he's a bit frustrating. like i needed another dog. in fact, my tony has informed me that we have too many animals. did i mention we have chickens?

20 of them. all looking nice and yummy. and those little things can eat eat eat.. they currently are making a mess of my garage in a cow tank.. but hopefully by this saturday they will be out in their new home.. all nice and safe... until we butcher them and serve up some yummy din dins .. i can hardly wait. 

last week tony and i took the world changers to a new church in the cities. LOOOVED it.. it's exactly what i think a church should be like. for the first hour we worshiped by singing and hearing the Word.. oh the beauty of seeing families worship together. THEN, the second hour children were dismissed to age appropriate classes and the adults and teens listened to the Word being preached..  my world changers did very well.. and we are still talking about what that preacher had to say.. i'm sure it's not a perfect church.. non are.. but it refreshed my soul!

after that we took the world changers to the zoo. it was rain rain raining... which means there was NO one there.. super uber fun fun fun.. we even took the monorail..and it was the world changers idea to sit in the quiet car.. no talking for 25 minutes.. shocking i know.. they did great.

all in all .. it's been another happy one! 

Saturday, April 11, 2009


that night. 

when their king , hero, teacher, rabbi, future. 
was brutally beaten and died.

they had to take all their hope off the cross and bury it.

the hope of a new kingdom
the hope of a savior
the hope of a new life

hard thing for them to walk through  
hard thing for them to understand

when i think about how God had to have his Son crucified to become what He wanted Him to be. i ponder the thought of how he loves me so much to expect me to walk through my own "crucifixion" to become what He wants me to be.  

oh that you my friend would NEVER lose sight of the eternal purpose that God wants for you.
let them talk.
let them slander.
let them stalk.
it might be your crucifixion.

and you and i both know..
hope comes in the morning.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


can you believe it's almost down right summery here in iowa?  
can't believe it myself.
time for all things outside. i'm situating my garden right outside my window to the south. so that means whenever i'm on the computer i can glance up and see either my perfectly manicure garden full of great things..OR .. i will be looking out and seeing a garden desperately in need of some love and attention. My dad will be bringing the tractor and cultivator over this week sometime and diggin up the ground.. and then we are off to the races!  

i think i finally have my tony talked into helping with the chicken run. he has the whole weekend off. and recently we had the discussion of what to do with it. he thought i had an agenda. i didn't then, but looking at my future garden, makes me think of the chickens that will live right next door.  so i'm hoping that he's moved on that continuum of excitement to have fresh chicken eggs and meat.  we will be trying as hard as possible to be building the run with recycled material., not to be "green" but to save "green".. still praying a big chunk of chicken wire shows up... or the cats all disappear.. either one will work.

had my first library story time yesterday. it was fun, we had a good crowd of boys. that's kinda funny to me.. this next week has a bath time theme which i'm excited about. should be another great time.

i have to scoot now.. i'm a bit distracted by my laundry and the clothes pins that are screaming to get used.. i still have to make that clothes pin apron too.. and of course the world changers will be ravenous when they get off the yellow school bus so cookies are baking.

all in all?... it's another happy day... 

Sunday, April 5, 2009


i would love to go.
but when i do go.. 
i'm hit in the heart with many things that i'd rather not be hit with.

i'm not giving up.
i'm not a quitter.
never have been.
never will be.

you walk to get the most out of life
you run to get somewhere fast
you skip.. for the fun of it...

and that's my theory.